“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field. “
- Peter Adams


I never set out to be a Photographer; it is something that has slowly developed over a number of years from being the annoying child with the throw-away Kodak taking ages to get the composition ‘just right’ through to the teenager being inspired by stunning Swiss scenery on a school Geography trip and now an experienced Wedding Photographer whose real enthusiasm still lies with beautiful landscapes.

The quote above, from Peter Adams, goes some way to summing up my feeling for photography.  Too many people I meet have an obsession about the technicalities of photography, be it the hottest new camera or lenses, or the latest version of Photoshop.  One of the first questions I always get asked is “what kit do you use?”.  If you were a chef, having just served a beautiful meal, would you expect to be asked “what kind of oven do you use?”.

Photography is so much more than the piece of metal and glass that you hold in front of you.  It can provide some of the most amazing experiences and also some of the most frustrating.  Many hours and days can be spent trying to capture the ‘perfect’ image. Out of hundreds of images you may only find one that you are truly happy with.  Some of my favourite images are ones that were totally spontaneous – a case of being in the right place at the right time.

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