Spa-BridgeIan Mitchell



‘Linescapes’ are my unique delineation of the landscape based on a stripped down reality. My series of limited edition landscape prints celebrating the British Coast and Countryside pay homage to the early 20th Century travel posters, and draw on the reductive style of early twentieth century German and Swiss design. Using my original sketches and photographs, I refine and reduce the scource material down to minimalist forms and shapes. Discarding clutter and using artistic licence as I go. My work to date has been routed in the British Landscape tradition of natural scenery. However, I am increasingly drawn to the contemporary man-made landscapes, the concrete modernism of architecture and sea defences that symbolise the ‘British Seaside Resort’. And more recently have been working on a series of Motorway bridges.


Geese_a.k.a._Whites_2Val Macadam



I studied at Edinburgh College of Art for my BA Honours Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design.  After which I worked for a number of magazines doing short story, feature and cartoon illustrations and publishers including Collins, Pearson’s Educational Publishers and D C Thompsons. The history, architecture and landscape of Southwest Scotland have all helped to inspire my recent artwork but are given my own particular ‘slant’ as I aim to create quirky images full of energy, detail and amusement! I seem to be drawn to the unusual aspects in my surroundings whether it’s a quirk of nature or a trick of the eye and particularly attracted to themes of colour; shape and pattern all of which I’m fully embracing, giving vent to flights of humorous fancy!


Helen Acklam

helen acklam dancing giants

 Mixed Media Artist


My experiences from travel to the Orkney islands continues to inspire interaction between Norse myth, archaeology, geology , anthropology and creativity. Extensive research has seen new themes merge: the shamanic elements of Norse tradition, sacred space and all that lives on the earth with the intricate connections between us all.  In my use of mixed media, the processes involved include gradually building layers of texture and colour to produce drawings, paintings, sculpture and bookwork. My use of sketchbooks and journals are essential in recording thoughts, ideas and exploration of techniques and qualities of surface, form and texture.  Images are formed from a vocabulary of symbols resulting in work that along with its undercurrent of studies elicits knowledge and meaning.

John Harrison




A graphic designer with a real passion for typography, Loves using ink and watercolour wash, with buildings, townscapes and coastal scenes my favourite subject matter. I’ve exhibited successfully (blushes modestly) in several major selling shows over the last few years, and more recently have produced a range of handmade cards which are sold in various crafty places. I live (and draw) in Leeds, but my dream is to relocate somewhere on the coast…. eventually.




Pamela Grace

Artist & Printmaker

An artist and printmaker living and working in Galloway. Pamela started her career as a designer, training at the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels. Her work is based on drawing – realised in pen and ink wash, etchings and solar-plate etchings. It reveals hidden micro-landscapes, glimpses of corners of gardens, allotments, and forgotten greenhouses. Sketches and larger colour drawings are often made on location and then developed in the studio, emboldening elements and using other techniques and processes to explore their potential.



Ann Smith

Artist Calm_Waters_Kippford

Based in Langholm, most of Ann’s inspiration comes from the South of Scotland and the East Coast of Scotland where she grew up. She works mainly on land and seascapes and is fascinated with skies and water. Skylines set the scene for the day; they create the mood and are continually changing. The colour, the light and the movement can be captivating. It has the power to set the scene of every moment of everyday, altering our mood and emotions. Ann tries to capture this in her work by using a rich colour palette and lots of texture with the use of brush and palette knives.

Margaret Walty


margaret walty

Inspired by the landscapes of the borderlands where she lives, Margaret paints the world of nature and of fantasy. She paints in acrylics and oils, layering the colours in thin glazes to achieve the luminosity and subtlety she strives for. Margaret’s training as a jeweler and silversmith honed her eye for detail, and love of detail infuses my work, from a tiny insect hidden among flowers, to moss on a trees roots, to feathers on a bird’s wing or the scales of a dragon. She seeks to imbue her paintings with a sense of wonder in the world that all of us possess in childhood, and to evoke it in the viewer.


Ceri Allen

Artist and Printmaker


Ceri Allen is a Cumbrian painter and Printmaker. She studied fine art painting at City and Guilds School of Art, London and has had her work widely represented in private and public collections in the UK and USA. She says of her work, “For many years I have been working on a recurring theme, that of the figure in a mainly urban environment. I am  interested in creating  a sense of separateness or ambiguity.  My work is mainly in the form of direct painting on canvas, working from preparatory sketches, photographs and memories”.


James Innerdale


James sketching

James is an Artist working across Northern England and Southern Scotland. Drawing and sketching on location as well as developing studio based paintings, James works principally in pen and watercolour. Trained as an Architect, he is inspired by buildings, landscape and light. His paintings are loose in style and line, with the use of a few delicate colours, expressing a sense of place and the impression of detail. His inspirations include the work of Ruskin and Turner and fellow Architect Sir Hugh Casson.


Becca Fielding

Artist and Illustrator



Born and bred in Cumbria, Becca has had a fascination for drawing human and animal forms from a very early age. After studying three-dimensional design at Cumbria Institute of the Arts, she now concentrates on watercolour and ink paintings of hares and Herdwick sheep. Becca only ever has a rough idea of what she’s aiming for when painting, the end result is always a surprise. She likes to represent not just a physical representation of these animals but convey a sense of a quirky character and personality.  As self taught watercolour artist, Becca has only recently taken up painting full-time and she works from her home in the Northern Fells of the Lake District.