We stock the work of over 20 jewellery designer makers including gallery owner Lisa,

Terri Campbell

JewelleryTerri Campbell

Living in the rural countryside in South-West Scotland Terri has always been surrounded by the natural beauty of her country that has influenced her throughout her life. Organic shapes and nature inform her studio practice.  Terri works predominately in sterling silver, using yellow gold and semi-precious stones as subtle details. She also has a bespoke range of jewellery made from sheep horn that she finds around the farm. This range highlights material qualities found in horn, such as growth lines and translucency. She aims to create unique delicate pieces of wearable jewellery.


Fragment Designs



My jewellery is all made by me, by hand, in my studio in Caerphilly. I work predominantly in sterling silver and much of my work reflects the fact that my favourite tool is my piercing saw. I also work in gold, copper, glass, and enamel, and I’m constantly adding new media to fit the designs in my head. A quick look at my jewellery will tell you a lot about my interests; I love animals especially my little house bunnies Orla and Gráinne, whose silhouettes are the inspiration for many of my bunny earrings and pendants. I love science, and now have both a dinosaur-themed range of jewellery and a range based around the constellations of the night sky



the art of embellishment- Ribbon jewellery and accessories. All the items in the maneggi collection are hand-crafted and manipulated by myself to create unique accessories that will enhance any wardrobe. Each item is hand made and may vary from item to item but this enhances the uniqueness. All pieces are as photographed but may vary in appearance due to different monitor settings etc.


Lucy Alice


Lucy Alice Designs is a family run creative studio based on the Kent coast. We create paper-goods, gifts & contemporary Jewellery all inspired by a love of the Great British outdoors and the animals that surround us.All products are lovingly handmade in Britain using sustainably sourced & reclaimed materials. British animal silhouettes, delicate geometrics and a fresh colour palette are combined to create strong timeless animal illustrations and eye catching jewellery. The techniques and patterns we use within our jewellery are inspired by old fashioned techniques such as marquetry, inlay & counted stitch embroidery.

Beverley Bartlett


Bev Bartlett personally designs and makes her jewellery at her own workshop. The elegant designs reflect natural biological objects as they appear under the microscope – her first degree was in Applied Biology and this has had a major influence on her work as a source of inspiration. Working mostly in silver, her pieces feature unique textured surfaces, highlighted by the process of depletion gilding, combined with contrasting polished elements. Having a science background helps Bev in the design process as understanding how metals behave when worked helps her to shape and form the silver.


Andrea EserinRemnant_Chain_bracelets_1024x1024


Andrea loves designing and creating pieces, which are individual, tactile and unique but also classic and ultimately very wearable. After a childhood of making and drawing Andrea went on to gain a degree from the celebrated Jewellery Design BA Hons course at Middlesex University in 1998. Working alongside other jewellery designers Andrea developed her own style and techniques eventually embarking alone to set up Andrea Eserin Jewellery and Accessories. Extensive travel throughout Central America and South East Asia, as well as a lifelong passion for the natural world has given Andrea a love for colour and pattern. She translates these aspects into my designs using a combination of interesting shapes, pigmented resin and coloured gem stones. Andrea works from her workshop in mid-Sussex where customers can visit for a bespoke service.


Elizabeth Terzza


Each piece of Elizabeth Terzza’s jewellery is designed and individually hand-crafted in her studio, where she surrounds herself with botanical treasures found while walking through woodlands and forests. She is forever collecting and taking note of her rural surroundings, exploring, designing and creating. Elizabeth’s current collections are inspired by British countryside.



Upon returning to Cornwall Lawrence, the founder of Koa, took up a position in a local model-making business where he learnt new techniques and processes. During his four-year employment, and needing an outlet for his creativity, Lawrence realised that he could utilise his extensive knowledge and skills to produce forms based on an ongoing collection of sketches. These forms took inspiration from the Cornish coastline with its beautiful coves, beaches, fishing harbours and surf culture, and began the process for creating his ocean jewellery. The initial forms for Koa jewellery’s pewter and resin range are sculpted and then moulded to produce duplicates of the originals. Each handmade piece of sea jewellery is produced using a base metal of high quality pewter, which is completely lead and nickel-free. The pewter is sourced from a local smelter in Cornwall, just a stone’s throw away from the Koa workshop. The majority of the sea jewellery designs incorporate coloured resin detail. This resin starts as a pure, clear liquid to which colour is added. The resin is then either dropped into the pewter casting or made as a seperate piece to be incorporated into the design. Several pieces also feature beads, which are carefully selected and ethically sourced from fair trade suppliers.


Laura Johnson


I am Laura Johnson, an artist living and working in the beautiful Scottish Borders. My husband and I run Coldstream Gallery; a gorgeous space where we show a fine range of contemporary arts and crafts and offer a good cup of coffee and a comfy sit down!  My jewellery range offers an alternative for those of you who do not want to support dirty mining and unfair trade. Seeking to live and work in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way I can, my jewellery work combines beach finds with recycled sterling silver and copper.  Furthermore, as a vegetarian I do not use any animal products with the exception of wool polishing mops.


Nicole Iredale



Originally from Leicestershire, Nicole completed courses in Design Crafts (precious metals and gemstones) and Jewellery and Silversmithing at Birmingham’s prestigious School of Jewellery, before being awarded a 12 month placement on the unique Design Space Scheme for emerging jewellers. Since graduating, Nicole has exhibited across the country and has customers spreading across the globe, from the USA to Sweden and Australia. Nicole uses both the technical skills that she learnt at university and new skills that she picked up along the way to create a wide variety of light hearted and enjoyable items of jewellery.