Elizabeth Waugh


Elizabeth Waugh studied sculpture at Goldsmiths and the Anglo French Art Centre. Elizabeth’s work, usually built in plaster and then cast in bronze resin, is mainly figurative and includes both human nude and animal forms. Elizabeth was brought up in close contact with animals and aims to incorporate the diverse character;  Movement and general “feel” of the different species from which she works. She aims to produce sculpture, which is tactile in nature and is always pleased when she sees people touching her work.


Tracey Benton

Sculpture bm

My name is Tracey Benton, and I love a bit of fluff. I spent many years studying  and exploring ceramics, but the moment i started to experiment with wool, i was hooked. I start the process with a ball of pure wool roving.  This is shaped using a special barbed needle that binds the fibres together. After much jabbing and stabbing a beautiful sculpture emerges. A single piece can take several hours to make. The sculptures are displayed on hand made ceramic bases to show each piece off to its best advantage.