Steve TomlinP1160570

Greenwood Craftsman

I make a range of chairs, kitchenware and other goods for the home from freshly-felled timber solely using hand tools. Inspired by traditional forms and the interactions between the wood and tools I aim to make beautiful, elegant items for everyday contemporary living.

Each piece is individually made by hand and finished through the careful use of finely sharpened edge tools, without sanding. In this way, the tool marks themselves create an organic, textured surface which is not only a demonstration of the craftsmanship involved but a decoration in itself.

Geoff Forrestimag_basket-making

Willow Weaver

Sustainable Designs, Sustainable Crafts was set up by Geoff Forrest to promote the use of natural materials in education and crafts.

Geoff grows willow, coppices local woodlands and works with a variety of artists and crafts people. Having previously worked as an occupational therapists and outdoor pursuits instructor he likes to combine the benefits of the outdoor environment with the satisfaction of learning new skills.

Creativity is the key to Sustainable Designs and we are always happy to organise courses for those with a particular outcome in mind, or just for the sheer pleasure and fun of it